Doraemon is a popular cartoon character back then in the 80s. After its release in the late 1960s, this cartoon character has significantly influenced the lives of kids, teenagers, and also adults. Doraemon is different from the typical cartoon show you know of. Each Doraemon episode is highly-comic and valued-filled, which makes it different from any other cartoon show. TV series, Manga, video games, movies, and toys have been done concerning this show due to its worldwide acclaim. This show is still active and releasing new episodes even though it has been on air since late 1960. Different networks air Doraemon episodes in Asia, the US, and Europe. If you don’t have access to these networks, you can view it on your computer when you download Doraemon online. This gets you an interrupted experience (no commercial break) when viewing. In this post, you will discover where to watch Doraemon episodes and how to download them on your computer.

1. How to Download Doraemon Video to Your Computer

You can use Video Mate to download Doraemon from different anime websites by just copying its URL and paste it to the tool. Also, it lets you download various videos from different popular online sites such as Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. Apart from that, it offers up to 8K resolution if available. Plus, it has a built-in web browser which you can watch anime videos directly from the tool without opening an external browser. Here are the full guides on how to download Doraemon using Video Mate.

Step 1: Download and Install the Software

First and foremost, get a copy of the installer by clicking the “Download” button provided. Once done, open it to start the installation wizard and save it on your computer ultimately. Once installed, launch it to utilize its main interface.

video mate main interface step1

Step 2: Copy URL from Anime Site

Next, open any browser you desire and visit an anime site. From here, search a Doraemon video that you wish to download and copy its URL link from the address bar. After that, go back to the software and click the “Paste URL” button.

video mate copy url step2

Step 3: Play the Downloaded Doraemon Video

Let the tool analyze and download the link you pasted. Once done, go to the “Completed” panel of the tool. From here, you can view all the downloaded videos. Right-click on the file name and select “Play” or “Open File Location” to access it.

video mate play the video step3

2. Websites to Watch Doraemon Episodes Online

You need to find a site to get high-quality episodes of this cartoon before you can download it. There are so many anime websites you can use to stream Doraemon episodes. Still, most of them offer poor quality content. Some of these websites require payment to be able to access videos, and others have an uninteresting interface. We have listed some sites to watch anime in this article that offers the best quality Doraemon episode.

1. GoGoAnime.TV

You can count on this free anime website to watch anime series. It offers an extensive catalog, which is available in English and subtitles. GoGoAnime.TV is very reliable as it provides different servers to watch anime in high definition, offering users amazing viewing experience. This website also provides an easy to navigate interface, making it very easy to stream and use the site. This site has a reasonable load speed; however, the speed may vary based on your connection speed.

gogoanime interface

2. AnimeGet

You can visit this site to view high-quality Doraemon episodes. This site offers all Doraemon episodes and movies too. All you need to do is visit AnimeGet, and search for Doraemon using the search bar. Once you click search, you will see different Doraemon content you can choose from (both the English dubbed and original episodes) and watch free of charge.

animeget interface

3. KissAnime

This website has the most visits even though it is number three on our list of sites to watch Doraemon. KissAnime is very stable, as it is challenging for free sites to last. You will enjoy using this website; it offers high-quality videos, simple navigation, fast loading, little ads, and different varieties of Anime, Doraemon included.

kissanime interface