If you ever ask people about Anime, you will not find two people with the same opinion, whereas Anime has built a huge fan-base all over the world in a short amount of time. Moreover, some people, on the other hand, perceive it to be childish, but people who are anime fans would always say otherwise. Anime has roots in Japan and has fans all around the globe. Millions of fan fiction and websites are present around the world. They are all great sources to watch Anime. The most famous out of which is KissAnime. It has a lot of amazing Anime content for users. Some of the most Anime videos being Dragon Ball, Naruto, Mob Psycho, and Death Note. However, KissAnime is not the only anime website, as many websites are also available online. Many other free websites like KissAnime will give you amazing experience. Let’s check the best 10 KissAnime similar sites where you can enjoy anime without limit.

The best website for streaming Anime videos is Crunchyroll. The biggest reason -for its popularity is the subtitles, which help non-native speakers understand the content better. Optimal video quality for an enchanting streaming experience is at 720p. By following a few simple steps, you can enjoy the videos to the fullest. Just register yourself on the website and start streaming. This site could be used to follow Wii U, Chromecast, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and 4, Apple Devices, Roku box, Windows, and Android phones. Subtitles available in English (both US and UK), Española, Portuguese (Brasil and Portugal), Français (France), Deutsch, العربية, Italian and Русский. You can even save the videos from this site and enjoy anime on the go!

crunchyroll interface

Another website similar to KissAnime is Chia-anime. Chai-anime is just as good, if not better, for streaming the videos as compared to our top website. It has a vast selection of Anime ranging from videos, movies, and shows. Much content here is also translated in English, and that is why it is popular among the English speaking people. People who don’t speak Japanese are extremely satisfied with Chia anime due to its content in the English language. The site is also child-friendly hence suitable for all age groups. It might irk users a little to follow dubbed shows, but it’s all good if you are a diehard friend but don’t want to read on your showtime. Other than that, the website’s main revenue model is based on ads. Hence it might be a little annoying. But other than that, the experience is excellent. Trust us and visit the site at least once. We assure you that you would be hooked to it! Android and iOS versions of the website are also available, so you also watch your videos on your phone!

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After KissAnmine, AnimeLab has the most extensive collection of Anime content that would satiate your hunger once and for all. They claim to have a massive collection of all age groups suitable content, along with an elaborate overview of each show. This single feature separates it from all other websites. You can hover your mouse over the show icon and check out its rating, episodes, and name, and language options. This website works on almost every platform, including Apple TV, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, and Chrome cast. Use it with a VPN if you are having region issues.

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Another perfect platform is Anime-Planet. This website gives a unique GUI experience and makes the browsing even better. The homepage is kind of like YouTube, it gives you recommendations and the most popular and newest websites. You can filter through the content using genre. The collection is massive, including new, old, dubbed, and subbed Anime. You can watch it with or without an account. Having an account will enable you to watch custom recommendations and make a better list. Other than rare pop-up ads, the website will give you an amazing experience.

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AnimeFreak is one of the most-streamed websites. It has a collection of both old and new content. You can access the website with or without an account. You can even watch the shows according to categories so that it would be easy to skim through. Other than that, you can easily follow the show, and the website will keep you posted so that you don’t miss anything. If you click on the show icon, you can access the rating, listing, and episodes. Other than that, the streaming is a little slow.

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GoGoAnime is another one of the absolute hit. It offers a comprehensive database of Animes, from the oldest to the newest content. The content is alphabetically categorized, so it is easy to browse them. The homepage will help you keep tabs on the website and would let you choose your desired content. The website is linked by several servers so you could choose the one that suits you best. Our recommendation is to use the “OpenLoad,” the speed is very fast, and you can easily download through it as well.

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Now you can stream your choice of the show in HD quality on 9Anime. This portal allows you to access a wide variety of shows and films. Some of the content on this site is dubbed. The dubbed shows are mentioned on the website. It also has a trending tab that would help you keep up with the ever-growing Anime family. Or if you want to flick through the old shows, a quick search will help you get those. You can filter the shows with genre and release date.

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Funimation is the best website for streaming Japanese anime. It has the best video quality and provides you the best content out there. You can watch most of the shows with subtitles, which is a fantastic feature for non-native speakers. Some shows even have the English audio that could be a lifesaver if you don’t want the subtitles. Funimation is unavailable in some countries. However, it is not that big of an issue, as it could be easily accessed with a VPN.

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AnimeFrenzy also has a wide variety of Anime like Kissanime. It is updated with the newest and latest shows almost every day. So the site users can’t miss out on even an episode. The site also has American cartoons and is pretty versatile all in all. The content is very well organized; hence it is effortless to skim through it. If you are a new user, this website is for you. As the “Random” button will help you find a new series that is sure to equip your interest. This website also has an application that is download through the Play store. With the app, you can watch your favorite series on the go! The diverse nature of the content is sure to have something in store for everyone. Also, with the live chat option, you can stay in touch with other anime fans and have a ball.

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Netflix is the most popular app of the last century, and we are sure that everyone agrees with us. Chances are every 9 out of 10 people are Netflix lovers. Netflix now has a wide variety of your favorite Anime shows that you can stream through either their desktop or phone app. Netflix has fantastic content quality, and that is no secret. So now your Anime is available on the go in even better quality. Buy the premium account or stream free for a month to start watching Anime content today!

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